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EPAM & Syngenta: Driving Excellence in R&D Technology & Beyond

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Technology Magazine – by Jessica Gibson

EPAM & Syngenta: Driving Excellence in R&D Technology & Beyond

Working together with Syngenta, we discover more about EPAM’s solutions delivering stability, automation, and infrastructural elasticity and scalability

Farming is the future. Food is a necessity that living beings simply cannot go without, so the fate of humanity practically relies on the agricultural sector planning to mitigate the effects of climate change in a sustainable manner. But, in order to weather the storms that lay ahead, that ever-useful tool, data, is essential – and this is where EPAM’s expertise and experience comes in.

EPAM, which specializes in digital products and platform engineering alongside providing AI-integrated workflows to aid data analytics, rethinks the software that supports Syngenta R&D to:

  • Build robust functional data foundations
  • Connect all (R&D) data across functional data domains
  • Use machine learning and predictive analysis to generate new insights
  • Develop end-user applications that allow functional experts to utilize insights

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