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EPAM & Syngenta: Driving Excellence in R&D Technology & Beyond

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Technology Magazine – by Jessica Gibson

EPAM & Syngenta: Driving Excellence in R&D Technology & Beyond

Mihai Cîşlariu, Head of Data: In less than 2 years, EPAM Systems has become one of the top choices for Romanian IT specialists

Working together with Syngenta, we discover more about EPAM’s solutions delivering stability, automation, and infrastructural elasticity and scalability

Farming is the future. Food is a necessity that living beings simply cannot go without, so the fate of humanity practically relies on the agricultural sector planning to mitigate the effects of climate change in a sustainable manner. But, in order to weather the storms that lay ahead, that ever-useful tool, data, is essential – and this is where EPAM’s expertise and experience comes in.

EPAM, which specializes in digital products and platform engineering alongside providing AI-integrated workflows to aid data analytics, rethinks the software that supports Syngenta R&D to:

  • Build robust functional data foundations
  • Connect all (R&D) data across functional data domains
  • Use machine learning and predictive analysis to generate new insights
  • Develop end-user applications that allow functional experts to utilize insights

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