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How Conversational AI is Revolutionizing Banking as We Know it

The FinTech Times – by Polly Jean Harrison

This involves the ability of software to understand the intent behind what a human is saying and respond in an intelligent, conversational way. In the last decade, technologies and use cases have evolved so rapidly that CAI is practically a regular feature in the everyday lives of most consumers, whether that’s interacting with a customer service chatbot or asking questions to a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa.

In light of this, EPAM has produced a white paper outlining 7 Lessons Learned from the Field as a practical guide for both business leaders and technologists with customer-facing responsibilities in banking. The power of natural language and emotional awareness in interaction should not be underestimated, and CAI is a crucial part of modern customer experience strategy, helping your bank stand out from the crowd, build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

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Read the white paper, Conversational AI in Banking: 7 Lessons Learned from the Field, here.