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Conversational AI: Revolutionizing Banking as We Know It

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The FinTech Times – by Gina Clarke

Conversational AI: Revolutionizing Banking as We Know It

The term conversational AI (CAI) refers to the underlying set of intelligent technologies that enable software systems to interact with humans using natural language processing (NLP).

This involves the ability of software to understand the intent behind what a human is saying and respond in an intelligent, conversational way. In the last decade, technologies and use cases have evolved so rapidly that we have seen a deluge of terms enter circulation like chatbot, virtual agent, voice assistant and conversational UI to name a few.

For senior executives and customer-focused leaders, certainly they should be looking to make this new channel a fundamental part of their banks’ wider customer engagement strategy.

That’s why EPAM has produced a white paper outlining 7 Lessons Learned from the Field as a practical guide for both business leaders and technologists with customer-facing responsibilities in banking.

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Access the white paper here.