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BT Enterprise: Optimizing Adobe Experience Manager for Improved Agile Delivery

BT Enterprise—one of the world leading providers of communication and IT products and services— recognized that it needed to get new, higher-quality functionality online faster while transforming the business into an agile delivery model

With that in mind, the business turned to its trusted technology and consulting partner, EPAM, to improve their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). With this enhanced platform, BT can deliver more releases with consistent quality and increased usability, improving customer experience.

Key Challenges

  • Non-optimized code base, which led to a surplus of technical debt that accumulated overtime and slowed down innovation capabilities.
  • Released features were low quality and held a long lead time, increasing the regression rate and high release roll-back rate.
  • The delivery model was built on a waterfall system and lacked the automation that agile processes offer.
  • Different project management tools were used across different streams, causing gaps in communication, issues with backlog management and delay in requirements gathering.

Solution Highlights

EPAM and BT introduced a completely new way of working, including:

  • A well-defined, quality management process involving automated and manual testing and independent release management processes
  • Agile methodologies that helped BT embed new processes and create an effective delivery framework with a high level of technical excellence and automation.
  • A re-engineered technical landscape that’s compatible with AEM best practices and EPAM’s EngX framework, allowing agile development and release processes with minimal deployment downtime and release verifications.

The Results

  • An AEM platform that was stable and scalable for future releases to meet customers’ growing expectations, using data to deliver a seamless experience.
  • The new two-week release cycle was introduced with a fully automated CI/CD pipeline. Twenty releases were carried out with a release success rate of 100%.
  • Consistent technical debt elimination process that led to an 86% decrease in code bugs, 57% reduced code duplication and 75% decrease in cyclomatic complexity.

Technologies used

  • Adobe Experience Manager
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Our partnership with EPAM has been successful and unwaveringly collaborative. They have brought strategic insight and technical precision to our formidable business challenges and were able to scale rapidly to meet increasing demand. I’m very pleased with the improvements to our engineering practice, where we have reached new levels of quality, robustness and agility.

Rob Wright
Head of Digital Engineering, BT Enterprise


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