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Burberry x EPAM
Innovation Day

Innovation Day is Burberry’s annual event where they invite their digital partners to explore and showcase the
art of the possible in technology. On November 22, 2023, it was EPAM’s turn.

18 tech-enabled ideas. 
Seven Months in the Making. 
One Day.

In 2023, 25 Burberry Innovation Champions and EPAM took a strategic look ahead, to life in 2030 and beyond, and asked two big questions: what challenges and opportunities will affect fashion, Burberry, and its customers? And how will technology be able to help?

From this starting point, our team generated 50 tech-enabled ideas. These were then whittled down to 18, and three were selected to showcase during Burberry x EPAM Innovation Day.

A Warm Welcome

Vivien is a digital AI assistant developed by EPAM, powered by Generative AI and Unreal Engine. During the Burberry x EPAM Innovation Day 2023, Vivien welcomed and guided attendees through the stations and answered their questions on the latest emerging technologies.

Understanding the Brand to Create State-of-the-Art Concepts.

Each idea was judged to be meaningful, impactful and exciting. Each was capable of driving loyalty in ways not seen before. Each pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. And each continued Burberry’s rich, innovative heritage.


Our Digital Tailor concept uses computer vision to help customers find the perfect size. 

With it, Burberry can employ data strategically to tailor the unique experiences, products and content that their customers love. This will make customers feel valued, recognized and remembered while also forging meaningful connections and driving stronger brand engagement. Doing so will help Burberry elevate customer experience, unlocking ecommerce potential and boosting store performance.


With the AI Stylist, Burberry puts technology to work by expanding and innovating on their  service offerings. Partnering with other brands, they could create new, unique experiences that increase engagement, engender feelings of exclusivity, and drive growth. 

To enhance customer experience in a deep way, the AI Stylist recommends outfits, based on customer data, such as browsing history and previous purchases.


Burberry has a rich heritage and passion for the outdoors. Technology can help immerse its customers in both, raising awareness and increasing engagement. Customers can access unique experiences, and even co-create modern interpretations of the brand, Allowing them to feel part of something special, something exclusive. 

Our Immersive Catwalk experience is an interactive runway show using Unreal Engine, allowing viewers to change outfits, models and control the camera and surroundings. Unlocking instant purchases, the Immersive Catwalk transforms the runway stage into a luxury online store and enabling consumers to curate their own shows to share on social media – a first in fashion history.

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Leveraging Biometric Data

Exploring how biometrics and emotion detection & recognition (EDR), can generate next-level customer insights to elevate the customer experience, both online and offline.

Biometric testing was used during the development of some of the experiences presented on the day. When testing the Digital Tailor and the AI Stylist concepts, we learned that the UX and UI needed to be redesigned for a better user experience ahead of the Burberry X EPAM Innovation Day.

But these are just a few examples of the potential of biometrics research. By measuring customers' emotional responses to physical and digital products and experiences, Burberry gains valuable insights into decision-making, product- and content development.

Watch this short video to learn how the biometrics research works.

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“This is one of the top luxury brands in the world, and you really have to get to know the brand. And what I love is the fact that the EPAM team gets this brand.”

Mark McClennon MBE
Chief Information Officer


“In the way that EPAM has helped us today is that they brought their brilliant knowledge of us as a brand, and great partner for the past 10 years, and helped challenge us with their knowledge and what is out there, and inspire us to co create a set of experiences together.” 

Ed Mackey
VP Global Retail Technology


“It’s been really good to see the relevancy of the experiences the team has pulled together today. They really understood Burberry and they’ve been able to play back things together, and I’m excited to maybe take one of these projects into a future production state.” 

Ben Halsall
IT Director, Analytics


“I think they [EPAM] genuinely care about Burberry; they understand the brand really well. And I think there’s communalise where we both seek win-win situations. So, it’s one of the best partners I’ve worked with in our team.”

Peter Goggin
VP Digital IT, Customer and Marketing

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