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Delivering a Next-Gen Web Solution for Maxim Healthcare Services

As the healthcare industry faces unprecedented disruption, many businesses are digitizing their services and transforming their online platforms to stay competitive. Maxim Healthcare Services, a US provider of a comprehensive suite of healthcare services, needed to consolidate its own various websites to deliver one cohesive digital experience for patients, families, health systems, schools, corporations and government entities

Within  eight  months,  EPAM  leveraged  its  Sitecore  experience  to  launch  a  brand-new,  modern  website  that  is  optimized  for  mobile,  intuitive  and  engaging,  as  well  as  easy  to  manage  for  Maxim  staff.  The  new  web  solution  has  resulted  in  increased  web  traffic,  average  session  duration  and  average  time  on  page  by  one  minute  year-over-year.

Key Challenges

Prior  to  the  engagement,  Maxim  had  20+  siloed  websites  to  serve  their  large  and  diverse  audience  of  potential  and  existing  patients,  families,  schools,  corporations,  government  entities  and  health  systems.  All  these  websites  were  time-consuming  for  staff  to  manage,  had  inconsistent  branding  and  messaging,  and  lacked  mobile  and  search  optimization. Maxim  turned  to  EPAM  to  help  consolidate  its  websites,  replace  its  existing  CMS  and  provide  an  architecture  that  was  easy  to  use  and  maintain.

solution highlights

EPAM selected Sitecore CMS as the leading technology to deliver on Maxim’s objectives, creating a new website that offers the following features:

  • A  single  repository  of  job  listings  through  integration  with  seven  internal  applications  and  content  synchronization  within  Sitecore’s  content  tree
  • Ability  to  send  job,  compliance,  client,  patient  and  billing  inquiries  to  the  appropriate  Maxim  team
  • Dedicated  office  pages  and  office  location details  pulled  from  an  internally-developed  application  that  is  synchronized  with  Sitecore’s  content  tree  and  uses  the  Google  Map  API  to  display  locations  on  a  map
  • Pay  My  Bill  feature  for  users  to  easily  make  invoice  payments
  • Consistent  and  engaging  branding  with  Maxim’s  new  logo,  styles  and  colors
  • Consolidated  web  traffic  reporting  through  Google  Analytics
  • Integration  with  Microsoft  Azure  CDN  to  pull  media  images  as  proxy  as  well  as  LinkedIn  and  Facebook  to  display  client’s  posts  on  the  website
  • Maxim’s  custom-built  API  allows  website   integration  with  other  tools
  • Optimization  on  mobile  to  ensure  the  same engaging  experience  across  channels

The results

Maxim  has  received  feedback  from  users  that  the site  is  easy  to  navigate,  cohesive,  interactive  and  represents  the  brand  well.  Maxim  staff,  including  content  editors  and  the  IT  department,  have  found  that  the  new  solution  makes  the  content  more  manageable  and  easier  to  maintain. Maxim  has  also  reported  the  following  web  results  with  the  new  solution:

  • On  average,  users  are  viewing  three  more  pages  on  the  current  site  compared  to  the  old  site
  • The  average  time  spent  on  each  page  has  increased  by  one  minute  year-over-year
  • Web  traffic  has  increased  each  month  from  March  through  June  2018

Technologies used

  • Sitecore  XP  8.2
  • Sitecore  xDB  Cloud
  • Microsoft  Azure  PaaS  and  CDN
  • Solr  Provider
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“Maxim’s website transformation brings so many opportunities to better serve our various constituencies who rely on our care and services.”

Jarrod DePriest
Senior Vice President of Operations, Maxim Healthcare Services


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