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Delivering True Omnichannel Engagement for Wiley Efficient Learning

How EPAM Helped Enable Digital-Native Distribution Channels for Wiley







CX Strategy & Design

With the goal of implementing a more efficient, robust, and modern eCommerce engine to power Wiley Efficient Learning, Wiley challenged EPAM to find a solution that could engage customers more seamlessly and provide users with one standardized, state-of-the-art experience across nine products, with plans to continuously add new items. Learn how EPAM delivered the solution in the webinar below!


Shifting From Print-first To A Digital Model

  • In the past, students and educators relied on lengthy, physical texts to prepare for their exams, requiring them to carry static study materials that often became outdated the moment they reached print. Today, educational content providers like Wiley are tasked with finding innovative ways to offer this content digitally to bolster customer engagement for the next generation of students, educators and exam takers. Seeking a better way for existing customers to immerse themselves in its digital eLearning content, Wiley reached out to EPAM to revamp its Wiley Efficient Learning site ( by implementing an eCommerce-based, omnichannel engagement model.


Replace Outdated Systems & Transform The Experience

  • After years of steady revenue growth, Wiley found that its B2C eCommerce platform for Wiley Efficient Learning was becoming difficult to maintain and use, creating inefficiencies in customer order support and product management. The outdated system relied upon three separate, third-party platforms to execute a single online transaction, resulting in a complicated customer checkout experience on the frontend.

Learn how EPAM delivered the solution in the webinar below!


Implement Hybris As A Standalone Ecommerce Solution

Using a globally distributed team with experts in five locations, including onsite support for the client, EPAM implemented SAP Hybris to provide an end-to-end commerce platform with the following features:

  • Digital and physical product catalog management
  • Shopping cart
  • Tax and payment processing
  • Standardization of PCI-compliant Wiley Payment Gateway
  • Rich integrations with existing Wiley back office systems
  • AWS infrastructure solution to host SAP Hybris platform

In addition to implementing the out-of-the-box Hybris platform and integrating it with AWS, Adobe Analytics, Oracle Eloqua and other internal systems, EPAM completed the following customizations:

  • Custom product variants for both physical and eBooks
  • PIN-code activation checkout flow for redeeming digital products
  • Advanced checkout flow depending on order conditions, which includes special considerations for students and partners

On the frontend, the latest release of is designed specifically to adapt to the changing education-buyer journey, offering a single destination for Wiley’s accounting, finance and business exam review products. Wiley is rapidly evolving from a printed product-centric approach to one that is more customer-centric. With this in mind, EPAM integrated a Hybris-specific, responsive user interface across all channels of to create a more closely connected digital customer experience for Wiley’s users.


A Custom Solution Implemented With Zero Downtime

  • With the launch of the fully revamped, Wiley solidified its standing as a global leader in eLearning and digital publishing. With EPAM’s help, the solution powering Wiley Efficient Learning is a world-class, customized eCommerce platform, which has led to the following positive results for the client in the first five months since implementation:


increase in year-over-year revenue


increase in year-over-year mobile revenue


successful releases since March 2016 with zero downtime


Thousands of free trial sign-ups for digital products

The Webinar

Based on the excellent results of the project, Wiley agreed to stage a joint webinar with EPAM called "How to Increase Revenue with a Powerful eCommerce Strategy." Presenters included:

  • Myles Bunbury
    Global Hybris Competency Center Head, EPAM
  • Andrei Patapenka
    Onsite Wiley Project Manager, EPAM
  • David Levine
    IT Director & Technology Sponsor, Wiley
  • Isaac Gerber
    Associate Director & eCommerce Project Lead, Wiley

Watch as Wiley shares how EPAM helped them achieve a 30% increase in year-over-year revenue, as well as a 70% increase in year-over-year mobile revenue, through the development and launch of a true customer-centric eCommerce experience. Wiley will also discuss its transformation story; from internal decision-making leading up to the engagement through the delivery of a customized SAP Hybris implementation for

Now you can leverage Wiley’s lessons learned to create your own successful eCommerce digital transformation story!

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“As we continue to scale our direct-sold eLearning products, we are investing in improved customer experiences from content discovery to course delivery and post-purchase care and support. EPAM has become a trusted partner as we push the edge of innovation when it comes to digital commerce services. Their ability to understand the big picture, together with their proven technical competency and delivery track record, made them our choice for this important digital initiative.”

CMO, Wiley


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