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How EPAM Facilitated Unity’s Migration to Azure and Added New GenAI Capabilities









Artificial Intelligence



Unity, the world's leading platform of tools for creators to build and grow real-time games, apps and experiences across multiple platforms, entrusted EPAM with its multi-cloud migration because of our unparalleled combination of cloud migration and gaming industry expertise. We then helped build Unity Muse, which leverages generative AI (GenAI) to make game creation faster and easier for developers.

Game Development

Over a million developers rely on Unity to create games for a hyper-demanding global market. The company and the entire industry are under intense pressure to constantly level up — in terms of speed, agility, creativity and user-friendliness.

When Unity required a multi-cloud migration to improve developer experience, it turned to EPAM for its unique combination of cloud migration and gaming industry expertise. As 2023 Microsoft U.S. Azure Migration Partner of the Year, EPAM is trusted by Microsoft to help make the move to Azure seamless. Our successful migration helped lead to another collaboration with Unity: infrastructure work on the trailblazing Unity Muse, which is harnessing the power of AI to propel developers and gamers into the future.


Migrating for Tomorrow

Unity is a leader in real-time 3D technology across the globe. The company came to EPAM in 2022 looking to build a platform-agnostic solution to make it easier for developers to create real-time 3D applications for both the gaming and non-gaming worlds (e.g., training employees on virtual job sites, using 3D configurators for luxury goods or collaborating on design from anywhere in the world).

Azure was chosen — for its innovation, security and scalability — as a key cloud partner within the Unity platform. With Azure, developers benefit from rapid product development, testing and game prototyping. That means better games and products, faster, for players and enterprises.

EPAM accomplished the migration of infrastructure to Azure for Unity Asset Manager, which included a comprehensive review of how to apply Azure’s Well-Architected Framework, enhancing adaptation.

Our work included software development for Unity Asset Manager, which resulted in improvements such as the inclusion of the collaboration feature and 3D overview in the browser. We implemented Azure ML Computer Vision Image Analysis into a multi-tenant tagging service for Unity's Asset Manager and Collaboration Department.


A platform-agnostic solution to make it easier for developers to create real-time 3D applications

Project Highlights


Executed a targeted strategy that encompassed cost optimization, design monitoring, onboarding of site reliability engineering (SRE), disaster recovery solution design and backup for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)


Established DevOps processes in infrastructure provisioning and orchestration using Github and Terraform Cloud


Converted the established infrastructure solution into an infrastructure-as-code blueprint and adopted it as a standard across the organization


Implemented infrastructure and DevOps, CI/CD, Azure FinOps monitoring, alerting and allocation


Accelerating Game
Development with Unity
Asset Manager

Unity Asset Manager is a digital asset management system tailored for the rigors of 3D asset creation and game development. Powerful integrations enable teams to seamlessly surface content where they work, increasing discoverability, reuse and ROI of assets across projects and pipelines to streamline the development process.

EPAM worked quickly, enabling Unity to meet its deadline for the initial public beta release of its Asset Manager. Then, in just six months, EPAM successfully migrated all core portions of the Asset Manager operational infrastructure to Azure. EPAM continues to collaborate on developing the asset management roadmap to make Asset Manager accessible to Unity's clients in the automotive and aviation industries, among others.


Enabling GenAI in Gaming

Unity Muse allows game creators to more quickly bring their vision to life, using natural language prompts to generate sprites, textures and animations. By leveraging powerful LLMs, Unity Muse also provides chat-based assistance and troubleshooting, as well as the ability to easily create behavior trees. 

EPAM helped build the Azure infrastructure, network topology and connectivity with load balancing and extended security for Muse. We used a multi-region approach and configured everything to allow Muse to run in two regions in parallel, improving performance and hardening security.

EPAM used Azure OpenAI, Azure ML and Azure Infrastructure Services to maximize capacity and optimize the Unity Muse Chat platform architecture.

Already Unity is seeing results.

There was a significant spike in cloud usage on Azure in December 2023, immediately following the launch of Muse. Since then, Unity Asset Manager has managed over 8 TiB of assets on Azure, offering customers seamless, reliable and scalable asset solutions.

The Future
of Gaming

EPAM’s partnership with Microsoft and Unity means game developers can realize their vision faster, easier and more securely than ever before. We’re excited to be part of this innovative work, helping creators deliver fun and adventure to gamers around the world.

The Future
of Gaming

EPAM’s partnership with Microsoft and Unity means game developers can realize their vision faster, easier and more securely than ever before. We’re excited to be part of this innovative work, helping creators deliver fun and adventure to gamers around the world.

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“EPAM’s contributions amplified the success of our migration and significantly influenced the timely delivery of the Unity Cloud Asset Manager Infrastructure. EPAM are dedicated partners that worked closely with us to provide their expertise, add new critical features, and ensure a smooth transition. I am confident that this success will enable future accomplishments for Unity, and we're excited for you to try the product.”

Keyang Xiang
Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Unity


“EPAM’s collaboration in Unity’s transition to Azure underscores our commitment to advancing technology in game development. By supporting the integration of Unity’s powerful tools with Azure’s robust cloud and GenAI capabilities, we aim to enhance the developer experience and streamline content creation. Our focus is on empowering creators with seamless, high-performance solutions that bring their visions to life, strengthening the future of gaming and interactive experiences.”

Vitalii Vashchuk
Sr. Director, Head, Gaming Solutions at EPAM


“Unity’s migration to Azure, facilitated by EPAM, exemplifies the power of collaborative innovation in game development. By seamlessly integrating Azure’s cutting-edge capabilities with Unity’s platform, developers worldwide are empowered to realize their creative visions effortlessly across different platforms. This collaboration between Unity, Microsoft, and EPAM underscores our collective commitment to advancing the gaming industry and fostering a new era of immersive experiences.”

Warren Cho
Worldwide Gaming Industry Vertical Lead, Microsoft

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