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Enabling Secure, Seamless Charging for Electric Vehicles

How we partnered with Digital Charging Solutions to make clean energy more convenient

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Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) engaged EPAM to improve its technology infrastructure by making it more secure and robust and to update the user experience to be both more secure and accessible for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. 


Driving Toward a Cleaner Future

To achieve zero emissions in the automotive industry, we need electric vehicles that can be charged as easily as we fuel up their gas-powered predecessors. Digital Charging Solutions is a leading public charging solutions provider, with over 600,000 charge points across Europe.

The fast-growing company engaged EPAM to 1) develop next-generation security and 2) support an overhaul of the end-to-end user flow that would be simultaneously more secure and user-friendly.


Achieving Secure, Seamless EV Charging

DCS is a leading public charging solutions provider for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet operators and offers its own B2C product called CHARGE NOW. The company has a number of strategic partnerships aimed at strengthening its market position.

When one such partner started to require RFID cards for charging, DCS turned to EPAM to redesign the user journey from onboarding to transaction, to make every step more secure and compliant with regulations (such as PSD2). At the same time, susceptibility to fraud and security risks was identified as a barrier to scaling over the long term.

In just 10 weeks, the EPAM team helped design the solution. We used a product mindset to discover pain points and challenges. Project steps included:

Evaluation of eight authentication options against three criteria (user experience, technical feasibility and security) and creation of a risk matrix
Development of a shortlist of three solution options that we validated with users to finalize the authentication mechanism
Creation of a roadmap for an updated user journey in line with the strategic partner’s go-to-market strategy

Authentication updates included an SMS-based one-time password as the first factor and pin/biometrics for the second factor.

The result was a highly secure, compliant and intuitive charging flow for users of the DCS app. By including RFID cards, DCS is now better positioned with a unique selling proposition in the market. The company will also be better able to scale the solution across future B2B partnerships.

The solution design was validated with DCS’ valued partners, and EPAM continued supporting this key and highly visible initiative during the implementation phase, while securing the knowledge transfer derived from the design.

Establishing a Next-Generation Technology Infrastructure

Founded in 2017, DCS has grown incredibly fast. With such rapid growth, security threats can also increase. EPAM’s cybersecurity team helped DCS improve its security posture, better protecting against threats, by enhancing security controls and keeping the company’s Microsoft Azure environment up to date.


Ongoing Improvements

Hardening Security

Continuous Checks

Now, DCS has the ability to find and fix issues more quickly, while enjoying a reduced risk of cyberattacks and data leakage. 

Security maintenance will be much easier going forward, and DCS is ready for the future in terms of both its system and underlying processes. 

EPAM’s team faced the task of collaborating effectively with DCS, while working fully remotely. Using regular communication, agile methodologies and leveraging digital tools for collaboration, the team achieved all project results and milestones, proving that distance need not hinder success.

We are proud to be part of this important work to build a more sustainable future for all of us.



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