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Enterprise Architecture for Digital Transformation 

Defining and delivering an enterprise architecture vision, strategy and roadmap focused on customer-centricity for a Botswana telecom leader

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Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC)


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Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) is a leading telecom operator that offers digital and communication services to consumers and enterprises. In 2023, BTC embarked on a digital transformation journey with the goal of “delivering customer-centricity for Botswana and selected Sub-Saharan markets.” To achieve this goal, BTC turned to EPAM Continuum for enterprise architecture services. By providing a target end-to-end enterprise architecture, roadmap and action plan, EPAM Continuum helped BTC envision its shift from a traditional telecom-centric business to an omnichannel customer-centric composable business with multiple business domains, such as FinTech, eLearning, cloud services and eHealth.


Bringing Customer-Centricity, Business & Technology Together

In 2023, BTC embarked on its digital transformation journey to build omnichannel customer-centricity into the foundation of its business so the telecom leader could improve the customer experience for existing customers and target new customers.

BTC engaged EPAM Continuum for our ability to strategize and execute digital transformation initiatives simultaneously by leveraging our enterprise architecture services. Our enterprise architecture consultants worked together to develop a roadmap across several horizons to build composability, omnichannel and personalization into BTC’s digital transformation strategy. Then EPAM Continuum helped define a minimal viable architecture (MVA) to address offering and ordering functionality. The goal was to imagine and deliver an end-to-end enterprise architecture that would help BTC become a composable business, giving the company the agility to successfully execute its digital transformation program.


Throughout the four-month consulting engagement, EPAM Continuum helped BTC restructure, reprioritize and reallocate the budget for its digital transformation program to focus on the most valuable, fit-for-purpose projects to help BTC execute on its corporate strategy and goal. This has ensured that BTC’s strategic priorities are aligned with the newly developed digital transformation roadmap EPAM Continuum consultants created.

BTC now has an established enterprise architecture practice, where strategy and execution are fully integrated, to successfully drive digital transformation and connect customer, business and technology together. EPAM remains a strategic partner for BTC.


“With the growing need to transform for service providers globally — as a way of either introducing new revenue streams, improving customer and employee total experience, or driving operational efficiencies — BTC partnered with EPAM Continuum to support this transformation journey that the organization envisioned. Our partnership with EPAM has provided clarity to our digital transformation strategy. It is clear in our minds where we are going, and I am elated to be part of this exciting journey towards our north star vision.”

Aldrin Sivako
Chief Operations Officer, BTC


“Our technology investments are guided by our digital transformation pursuits, which are the pinnacle of our organization strategy. Our employees are well tuned to the transformation strategy. Thanks to the demands our customers are putting on us to accelerate this transformation, there are greater benefits to be realized as we pursue this strategy. Our approach is agile-oriented to help us maximize incremental benefit realization along the way. We are excited to have partnered with EPAM Continuum in driving this transformation.”

Aldrin Sivako
Chief Operations Officer, BTC

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