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Harnessing the Power of AWS to Create Secure, Reliable Back-Up Cloud Functionality for Liberty Global

Today, millions of people rely on platforms and applications to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues. With greater connectivity, the potential impact of a service outage would be more than an inconvenience, exposing businesses to lost revenue, reduced or halted productivity and negative customer satisfaction. 

As one of the world’s leading converged video, broadband and communications companies, Liberty Global has a responsibility to its growing customer base to provide reliable service 24/7.

The company turned to EPAM to create a secure disaster recovery (DR) solution that replicates the full-service ecosystem and functionality of its platform, consisting of a multitude of applications, hardware and APIs. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the DR platform ensures that everything is back up and running within a couple of hours of any disaster, such as a fire, fiber cut or flood at the primary data center. By migrating existing apps to the cloud on AWS, EPAM and AWS helped Liberty Global create a flexible and secure foundation prime for hybrid cloud transformation.



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EPAM is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS competencies in Data & Analytics, DevOps and Migration. 

The DR platform today

Through the extensive use of automation, Liberty Global has achieved cost savings as a result of inter-data center transfer cost reduction. Additionally, the company has achieved its goal of ensuring its systems are back up and running quickly and effectively. The platform has a data recovery point objective (RPO) of 15 minutes and a recovery time objective (RTO) of one hour from the trigger decision time.

Project Highlights

Most of Liberty Global’s applications run with a release cycle every six weeks, which meant the DR platform had to sync with frequent application releases and upgrades to reflect the same functionalities and experience that the existing on-prem platform once deployed. Liberty Global and EPAM worked together to streamline the release process through the creation of a centralized design automation tool and a unified deployment model on AWS Transit Gateway.

To meet the RPO of 15 minutes, data needed to be constantly replicated to the cloud-native data center and backed up automatically to avoid manual triggers. The data that is brought into the core platform is synchronized in near real-time so systems can be brought online seamlessly. AWS Direct Connect automatically distributes incoming data to the cloud-based DR platform, which runs in pilot-light mode to reduce data center transfer, storage and compute costs.

To deliver the project, EPAM and Liberty Global had to effectively migrate applications to the cloud. Unlike traditional DR solutions, the AWS-hosted DR platform uses cloud-based technology to automate failover to the cloud and quickly scale storage availability for critical business loads. This solution made Liberty Global’s hybrid cloud infrastructure more flexible and created elastic scalability across the entire ecosystem–a big win as millions of customer devices are relying on this platform.

The EPAM team built a template using infrastructure as code (IaC) to create a system for all ISPs, reducing the runtime need for several pre-production and production environments. The team used AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Direct Connect and AWS Database Migration Service to move some of the databases to the hybrid cloud. With this approach, the initial capacity plan was reduced by over 1,000 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances across seven ISPs in their pre-production and production environments. All are built using the same design and automation and require minor adjustments to AWS account limits, and the number of Amazon EC2 instances available in specific regions.

Blur BG

“We have had very strong technical support from both EPAM and AWS. A state-of-the-art entertainment service delivery platform is very complex, and even more so in a hybrid cloud implementation across an on-premises primary site and the public cloud. A very deep understanding of cloud infrastructure and network technologies, as well as a deep understanding of component applications, was required to deliver this project without risking any side effect to the primary site.”

Olivier Phillipe
Vice President of Entertainment Technology at Liberty Global


“From the beginning of our partnership with Liberty Global, our global team has helped to drive digital transformation and innovation across the business. It’s been rewarding to be part of a project that helps protect that business functionality from potential disasters while at the same time, utilising AWS solutions to take Liberty Global to the cloud.”

Aliaksandr Astapenka
Account Manager at EPAM


“At AWS, we are enormously proud that Liberty Global has such a level of trust and confidence in our cloud platform that it has migrated one of their most critical platforms to AWS. It’s great to see that the strategic partnership we have with Liberty Global and EPAM, and the usage of our cloud platform, is already demonstrating its value in terms of reduced costs while improving the RTO and reliability in the same time.”

Martijn Pie
Account Manager at AWS

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