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HTS Data Management System Helps Speed Decision-Making in Drug Discovery

High Throughput Screening (HTS) is an automated process in drug discovery that enables scientists to quickly assay the biochemical or biological activity of drug-like compounds

Seeking to optimize its HTS processes, the client, a multinational pharmaceutical company, asked EPAM to develop a solution for data quality assurance that automates computation and visualization on large data sets.

In response, EPAM created an HTS Data Management System comprised of scalable technologies. The system can define and configure assays, produce plate readout visualizations, and calculate methods for primary HTS data processing. The solution enabled the client to increase data quality assurance and make quick and informed decisions in drug discovery to create efficiencies for the business.

Key Challenges

  • Optimizing processes in HTS and Data Profiling
  • Developing a streamlined solution for data quality assurance that automates computation and visualization tasks on large data sets

Solution Highlights

  • EPAM developed an application that merges the best features from various client subsystems in HTS and Profiling to create a coherent system that can fulfill the future needs of a global screening organization. Comprised of new, scalable technologies, the HTS Data Management System offers the following functionality to help speed decision-making in drug discovery:Definition and configuration of assays
  • Plate readout visualization
  • Calculation methods for primary HTS data processing (data analysis and data reduction)
  • Various curve-fitting methods for secondary data screening
  • Scatterplot/trendplot display of summary statistics; QC indicators for the selected plate/readout group
  • Heatmap displays of the readout values of the plates/readouts

The Results

After launching in late 2007, the HTS Data Management System implemented by EPAM went on to win an award for innovation within the client’s organization. As a modular, flexible solution that allows organizations to make more informed decisions as a result of increased data quality assurance in drug discovery, the application is currently used in the following capacities by the client:

  • Number of users: about 800 worldwide
  • Number of geographical sites: 4 (U.S., Europe, Asia)
  • Number of concurrent users: about 50
  • Number of servers: 2 (1 in Europe, 1 in U.S.)
  • Database size: over 1 TB per server

Today, EPAM continues to improve the system’s functionality in close cooperation with the client’s project team.

Technologies Used

  • Server: Java, Apache Tomcat, Spring framework
  • Data: Oracle RAC, Binary files
  • Client: C#, DevExpress, TeeChart


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