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Optimizing Intelligent Automation for a Global Insurance Provider

A global insurance provider recognized that automating traditionally tedious tasks could help cut costs, improve efficiencies and enable employees to focus on more value-added activities

With the goal to improve process efficiency and achieve cost savings, the provider selected WorkFusion as its global automation platform and turned to EPAM as its implementation partner of choice. EPAM worked closely with the provider and leveraged our expertise as a WorkFusion Global Strategic Partner to build a successful, end-to-end intelligent process automation solution that fit the customer’s unique business requirements.

Key Challenges

Inefficient and wasteful ‘systems’ can be costly to organizations. Experiencing technical failures, stability issues, high implementation costs and unsatisfactory ROIs, the provider challenged EPAM to develop an automation program focusing on the following areas:

  • Better understanding of functional, business requirements – developing extensible and extendable solutions that can be easily scaled and maintained by the provider
  • Reusable code – developing procedural code libraries with a high percentage of duplicate code instead of object-oriented coding practices
  • Capacity planning – evaluating current and anticipated capacity requirements, and then measuring performance once in production
  • Meaningful messaging schema so the business team could understand reasons for failures and unanticipated exceptions when they occur

Solution Highlights

  • Reduced the time and amount of rework between discovery and implementation phases
  • Quantified business benefits per use case and a commitment to outcomes
  • Continuous monitoring of cost and benefits
  • Clear articulation of the post-automation future state and what is required to operate within it
  • Developed ‘stacked,’ end-to-end designs, which include the integrated use of multiple technologies
  • Re-engineered business processes and organization structures by incorporating automation

The Results

Working closely with the provider and maintaining a laser focus on solving the engineering challenges standing in the way of automation, EPAM moved quickly from design to implementation. Since implementing the end-to-end intelligent process automation solution, the provider has realized the following results:

  • Achieved break-even periods at or under 18 months
  • Processed 1.5 million transactions a year (as of April 1, 2019)
  • Reached 90%+ automation rates for claims processing, new business onboarding and operations
  • Helped created the Center of Excellence (CoE) by providing methods, tools and templates

Technologies used

  • WorkFusion
  • Decision Engines
  • Custom JAVA & HTML Scripting 
  • APIs
  • Workflow Engines


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