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Shipping a Successful Cloud Transformation

Planning & Executing an Organization-Wide Cloud Migration to Microsoft Azure for Louis Dreyfus Company





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As a leading global merchant and processor of agricultural goods, Louis Dreyfus Company sees its digital systems as a key lever of success. That’s why the company turned to EPAM for its cloud transformation with Azure. Thanks to the partnership, multiple global data centers and hundreds of applications are now in the cloud, helping the company improve its services to customers around the world.


Migration at enterprise scale.

In today’s quickly evolving business landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to take a cloud-native approach to systems. For digital-native companies and others with strong digital roots, a cloud enhancement might be relatively straightforward. But what happens when a company with nearly two centuries of experience in tangible, physical commodities decides to undertake a cloud transformation?

That’s exactly what Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) had planned. Thanks to a successful data analytics partnership starting in 2019, LDC again selected EPAM from a sourcing process to continue its cloud journey.

As one of the largest agricultural commodity merchants and food processors in the world, the company helps feed and clothe over 500 million people globally and employs over 17,000 people. Not only would LDC need to migrate to Azure without impacting its daily commercial activities, but the cloud adoption would need to be comprehensive and rapid to ensure minimal disruption to the business.

Thanks to an extensive multiyear, award-winning partnership with EPAM and Microsoft, LDC is on track to realize its goal of complete cloud migration — with the most critical components and core systems now in Azure — enabling the organization to enjoy the benefits of the cloud with minimal downtime.



Global data centers migrated


Virtual machines moved to the cloud


Applications now in Azure


Azure subscriptions deployed


Global Azure landing zones

Key Partnership Goals

Migrate business and infrastructure applications
Provide a predictable level of migration velocity
Automate manual migration processes


Designing a roadmap for future success.

With its business in real physical products, including approximately 80 million tons of products that LDC originates, processes and transports annually, the company had no room for error when it came to 
cloud migration. After all, failure could result in the destruction of tangible and perishable products and related revenue loss.

To minimize risks, we worked closely with 
Microsoft and LDC to build a migration plan based 
on Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure. This comprehensive strategy included a plan to migrate three global data centers and over 1,500 application servers and databases (both SQL and Oracle), directly impacting over 350 business and IT-related applications — including mission-critical systems and environments.


Using the Full Range of Microsoft Azure's Capabilities

Taking advantage of all the features and tools Azure offers proved integral to the overall success of LDC’s cloud transformation. We developed three landing zones in Azure and extensively employed Azure Migrate and Azure 
DevOps (ADO) services, including sprint and delivery planning, end user knowledge bases and code repository storage, to ensure the project was successful while adapting to the agile way of working of LDC.

We also utilized a Microsoft Power BI dashboard to accurately monitor both velocity and progress. Thanks to the creative and successful use of a wide range of Azure solutions, EPAM won the 2023 Microsoft US Partner of the Year Award for Migration to Azure.

Ensuring the lasting and ongoing success of a cloud transformation requires alignment throughout IT.

Our integrated teams worked closely with the LDC team to establish a new "gold standard" of processes that other teams could reference going forward. 
Based on agile methods, our frameworks helped unify processes across the global Digital Technology & Analytics function for improved collaboration.


Reducing human error and improving migration speed.

Given the impressive scope of LDC’s transformation goals, automation would prove to be a critical success factor to help decrease the overall time spent on migration and minimize mistakes from human input. We carefully monitored sprints and backlogs with ADO to precisely gauge project progress and used automated document filing and storage procedures to ensure consistency. We also utilized over 80 Terraform modules to customize Azure landing zones and incorporate automation for easier and faster application migration. Additionally, we created PowerShell automation scripts for migration and pre-post migration activities, decreasing time spent on these activities in the future.


Leveraging training 
to increase buy-in.

All the effort of cloud transformation is only worth it if the teams utilizing the new technology are up to speed and aligned. To improve adoption, we created an extensive communication campaign, including emails and short videos, to facilitate the transition away from legacy operating systems and databases. In total, our team delivered 24 training sessions to help acclimate LDC team members to new methodologies, frameworks and workflows. To support future projects, we also implemented an up-to-date knowledge base, complete with updated documentation for easy sharing. As a result, the current team and any future team members are well-prepared to take full advantage of all the opportunities presented by the cloud.

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“EPAM was instrumental in delivering speed, automation and a comprehensive framework that minimized the risk of human error while maximizing cost-efficiency.”

Sébastien Carriere

LDC’s Head of Core Technology & Cybersecurity Services


“With EPAM’s help, we optimized and operationalized our Azure landscape across over 100 subscriptions and three Azure landing zones in Europe, Latin America and Asia. 
We were able to modernize and innovate our existing infrastructure while also maintaining migration speed 
and efficiency.”

Sébastien Carriere

LDC’s Head of Core Technology & Cybersecurity Services

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