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Simplifying Digital Identity Management

A Trusted Collaboration between EPAM and Digidentity Helps Businesses Ensure They are Digitally Secure

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As a company dedicated to providing secure access to environments through identity verification, Digidentity, a Solera company, was looking for a partner with a similar engineering mindset to collaborate on several projects with the same goal: help its clients simplify digital identity verification and management. Together, Digidentity and EPAM joined forces to deliver on that vision.


Reducing Complexity with Digital Identity Management

In Spring 2022, Digidentity approached EPAM looking for a partner to help develop one of its platforms. Since then, our relationship has grown — evolving to a trusted engineering partnership that spans several digital products and platforms. As a provider of digital identity services, Digidentity offers best-in-class solutions for corporate clients.

EPAM brought its technical expertise in many areas, including engineering excellence, document scanning and identity, as well as government and administration (IGA) integrations. Through our partnership, EPAM and Digidentity have focused on helping its corporate clients, especially larger enterprise companies, reduce the complexity of verifying employee identities.

Together, we’ve worked on two initiatives — the self-service management portal and IGA integration — both of which streamline the digital identity management process for companies. 


Delivering Improvements to Optimize User Management

Digidentity’s self-service portal allows its corporate clients to invite employees to use its products, configure and grant access, set up roles and view billing information. In 2022, Digidentity wanted to revamp its portal to provide a more seamless and engaging experience for users. EPAM worked closely with Digidentity and its customers to conduct user research and create a concept and prototype for its new solution. As a result, the team generated a roadmap containing both short- and long-term improvements, many of which addressed complexities for companies with many different users.

Some of these improvements include:

Enabling advanced filters and tables and providing a configurable and customized dashboard to make it easier for users to find what they need
Allowing users to quickly adjust the interface by removing or adding components
Addressing user access and authorization requests more quickly as admins can multi-select users to perform relevant actions and create roles for a subset of users
Leveraging engineering excellence and reverse engineering to document all development practices
Providing test coverage calculations and automated testing to ensure effectiveness

Since the launch of the new self-service portal, Digidentity has received positive feedback from its customers.

One customer said, “We’ve been using Digidentity’s user management portal for several years and see new features appearing online and [are] very impressed with those coming in the future.” The new portal saves users time by bringing all required actions to one dashboard, makes finding the right information easier through search and filtering, and simplifies complex business processes through dedicated UI workflows.


Automating Verification of Employee Identities

In 2023, Digidentity identified an area that would help simplify the onboarding and offboarding processes for its corporate customers. In its current state, a significant amount of manual work was required for a client company to manage employee access to important information, such as taxes, medical and insurance information. Digidentity wanted to streamline this via an integration with IGA systems, which allows companies to centrally manage user access across the enterprise including implementing necessary controls, improving visibility and providing proper access. 

EPAM leveraged its vast network of engineers and developers and found experts that work on each of the IGA systems that Digidentity was looking to integrate with, such as Microsoft Entra and Sailpoint. This expert team helped to shape the technical design and requirements for proper integration. EPAM worked closely with the Digidentity team to quickly develop a working PoC. From there, the Digidentity team shared it with customers to gain feedback.

Together, we created a first-of-its-kind IGA integration, which automated and streamlined the process of identity verification, saving clients valuable time and resources. Thanks to EPAM’s expertise, the solution was created in record speed despite many technical challenges.


“Partnering with EPAM feels like an extension of our own team. The team’s dedication, expertise and seamless collaboration make it feel as though they're right here in our office, driving towards our shared goals with the same passion and commitment as our internal team.”

Marcel Wendt
Founder and CTO, Digidentity



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