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Transforming the entertainment experience with Vue

Giving Customers the Star Treatment across every Touchpoint. 



Co-created transformation strategy, roadmap & business 


Re-imagined, resulting in an increase of 80,000 tickets in six months


Developed content and social strategy

Developed iOS app with Quick Book and paperless ticketing

Launched personalized, actionable messaging across 


Rolled out the European brand 

Increased sales via social channels by a record 85% YOY

Recognized for Best Web Content Experience at Sitecore Experience Awards; enabled Apple Pay & Paypal


Developed food & beverage pre-order POC in partnership with in-house fulfilment team

Deployed European campaigns

Created dynamic pricing POC, which was tested across venues to drive pre-booked tickets


Developed sub-brand campaign


Kept audiences entertained throughout COVID-19 while venues were closed, reaching 75% share of engagement vs. competitors

How do you stand out in a marketplace where your competitors have the same products and same marketing collateral?

That’s the challenge faced by the cinema industry. EPAM Continuum has been working with Vue since 2015 to reimagine the movie-going experience for its customers. We spent three months working with the executive team at Vue to co-create a three-year transformation strategy, roadmap, business case, enterprise architecture and underpinning capabilities that would help us deliver a truly differentiated proposition. 



From the outset, our
goal was to outpace
the competition with innovation: breaking
out of sector norms to redefine customer expectations of cinema. 


Introducing the Big Screen Concierge

At the heart of our strategy is the idea of the Big Screen Concierge – the creation of digital services and tools that serve each customer in a way that is uniquely theirs. It differentiates in the marketplace by going beyond the movies themselves and instead focusing on the experience of going to the movies. We wanted to create a single, seamless Vue experience by building a service around a target segment of one.

Project Highlights

Together, we have delivered a personal and frictionless customer experience.
Our transformational work included:

Delivering a customer experience across web, app and kiosk that is pioneering in execution and premium in look and feel
Developing a new streamlined booking journey, reducing purchase completion to a few steps 
Creating a customer value management capability, where data is used to optimize messaging for each individual customer across every digital touchpoint
Building a robust mobile platform that can handle 75,000 bookings per day, across 90 venues with over 1,000 screens and seat configurations

Bringing the big screen experience to your small screen

We created an immersive and impactful design, ensuring the whole experience is unmistakably Vue–from what we do to what we say and how we say it.  


“We’ve been working with EPAM Continuum since 2015. In this time their commercial rigor, creativity and digital expertise has helped Vue launch a transformational programme of initiatives that have delivered a significant return on investment. They are a smart, fun, patient and passionate bunch and we’re lucky we found them.”

Dominic Rowell
Group Executive Director – Commercial, Vue International


“The EPAM Continuum social team has shone through what has been a difficult period for the cinema industry in 2020. Not only were they able to mobilize a team and adapt to a new way of working that came with added pressures and sensitivities, but the work they produced was phenomenal. Solid creative thinking executed to a very high standard (especially given the tight turnaround times). 

Most importantly, the results have been exceptional, with over 75% share of engagement versus our competitors–all of which translated into healthy social CPA when tickets went back on sale.”

Dan Green
Group Director of Digital, Vue International

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Delivering high impact content that drives engagement every single day

From turning fans into superheroes with a Hollywood storyboard artist, to creating our version of Jumanji for Facebook Live (with Jack Black), we help Vue think beyond posters and trailers to produce unique branded content, personalized campaigns and highly-targeted customer relationship management.

Each piece of content is designed to fit multiple channels, stand out and communicate the excitement of the big screen experience. All completed within a budget and production schedule that needs to flex and reprioritize as new titles arrive weekly.

By growing a loyal fan community, we reduced Vue’s dependency on the film slate and created a cohesive brand proposition that enhances the customer journey.

What’s more, we’re constantly interrogating data from every touchpoint to create insights on user behaviors to feed into future campaigns, and even influence which films are played in which venues. We’ve seen a significant increase in brand awareness, social reach and engagement and a 220% increase in sales from social channels that continues to grow.


Over the past five years, we have achieved incredible results together 


Overall conversion up from FY17-19


Website visits up from FY17-19


Mobile conversion up from FY17-19


Desktop conversion up from FY17-19


Increased tickets sold via social channels by from FY17-19


App conversion up from FY17-19

Vue was the highest visited cinema website in the UK and Ireland markets consistently through 2019, with over 100M visits on mobile and app alone.



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