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Unfors RaySafe & EPAM: Developing Apps That Save Lives

Unfors RaySafe is the leading provider of solutions to measure, monitor and manage X-ray radiation with offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Singapore, India, Japan and China

Despite X-ray technology's critical role in saving lives, unnecessary radiation exposure is capable of doing just the opposite. In an effort to combat this problem, radiation dose-management programs exist to track, report and monitor patients’ exposure; however, the market offerings have been limited to fragmented, manual solutions.

That’s where EPAM came in to help Unfors RaySafe create a complete X-ray radiation solution. Adopting an iterative approach based on the software development methods of Agile, Scrum, and extreme programming (XP) practices, EPAM delivered the first cloudbased dose management software of its kind, RaySafe S1.

Key Challenges

  • Create a first-to-market cloud-based application for radiation dose management
  • Simplify administrative procedures for X-ray diagnostic services
  • Streamline processes for reporting to regulatory authorities

Solution Highlights

  • EPAM developed RaySafe S1, the first-ever cloud-based solution for dose management with the following features:Visualizes patient doses and provides role-based guidelines to help medical staff optimize dose and image quality
  • Records patient doses during X-ray procedures and accesses data from past exams, which hospitals use to develop and implement diagnostic reference levels
  • Replaces the outdated manual procedures with an uncomplicated, effective solution capable of integrating with X-ray equipment all over the world which supports the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard of exchange and storage of medical images and related information
  • Reduces the number of faulty scans through the improved imaging process, which contributes to long-term cost reduction by reducing waste scans
  • Collects and shares radiology information with different individuals involved in the diagnostic imaging workflow – referring physicians, radiologists, operators, medical physicists, radiation safety officers (RSO), and medical engineers
  • Automatically notifies medical staff if patient doses deviate from the predefined levels

The Results

RaySafe S1 is the first-ever comprehensive cloud-based software developed to minimize patient X-ray radiation exposure. The solution increases image quality and reduces X-ray dosage and waste, while also improving productivity and results tracking. In October 2013, a year after its public launch, RaySafe S1 was recognized with the Red Dot Award for Communication Design, in the Interface Design category.


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