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Unifying Digital for a Customer-First Experience

Enhancing the Power of Sitecore for Longstanding Client Wolters Kluwer

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Wolters Kluwer, a leading global information services company, engaged longstanding partner EPAM to consolidate more than 280 websites — in 31 languages and 24 countries — into one global website. Leveraging Sitecore, EPAM helped build the OneWeb platform, which provides a streamlined and engaging customer-first experience. The new website improved discoverability, lowered the total cost of ownership and accelerated time to market for Wolters Kluwer.


Using EPAM’s Deep Sitecore Expertise to Make It Real

With its robust domain expertise dispersed across too many URLs, Wolters Kluwer knew there was an opportunity to provide customers with a better experience — a way to easily discover the right digital channel with the precise knowledge and solutions they were seeking. The company turned to its longstanding partner and Strategic Global Sitecore Partner EPAM to turn this vision into reality.

Drawing on our 15 years of work together, EPAM understood Wolters Kluwer from an operations standpoint and could leverage that experience to help break down silos. Not only did Wolters Kluwer need to have an integrated, seamless website, but the company also needed to bring together business units that were operating independently. By harnessing our technology expertise and digital transformation capabilities, EPAM developed a brand-new platform that was embraced and valued across the organization.

Using Sitecore as the foundation and Sitecore’s Experience Accelerator (SXA) as the framework, EPAM’s hybrid team assisted in architecting and developing the solution to align the user experience across all Wolters Kluwer’s brands. We also worked with individuals across the enterprise to ensure they had the support they needed to leverage the OneWeb platform effectively. With the new solution in place, Wolters Kluwer was able to improve discoverability through SEO and unlock the potential for a solidified marketing strategy.



Images and other assets migrated to the new platform


Non-branded sales leads since launch


Increase in first-page Google search results

With the power of the new OneWeb platform, Wolters Kluwer was able to achieve its digital goals and accomplish the following results:

  • Unified analytics for hundreds of product sites and eCommerce checkouts

    Improved search engine ranking, with a web domain authority increase of 23 points

    Consolidated more than 30 content management system (CMS) platforms and 900 solution offerings, supporting over 400 marketing professionals

    Enabled publication of more than 100 page updates per day

  • Accelerated time-to-market and increased sales, with 70 new leads every month

    Created a customer-first experience with a modern approach to personalization and optimization

    Improved efficiencies across the business, matching customer needs with the right solution faster



“At Wolters Kluwer, our mission is to deliver essential information when our customers need it most. In today’s fast-paced world, access to timely and relevant insights is a game-changer. EPAM and Sitecore have been good partners in helping our teams achieve the goal of ensuring top quality experiences for our customers.”

Amy Kolzow
Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, Wolters Kluwer


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