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Venturing into the VR Universe with Vodafone España

EPAM and AWS partner to create a revolutionary new world, providing increased personalization and engagement opportunities with consumers

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To meet customer expectations for engaging VR and AR experiences, Vodafone España, part of Vodafone Group, wanted to build an exciting new world with content and games. The telecommunicators operator partnered with EPAM and AWS to create a VR platform that not only meets but surpasses customer expectations. The innovative solution leverages 5G technology and provides the scalability and agility required for this transformation.


Enhancing Customer Engagement & Loyalty for Vodafone España

Born out of an idea to explore use cases for 5G technology, Vodafone España wanted to revolutionize its experience for customers. Knowing that the project may evolve over time, the company selected EPAM for its innovative thinking, VR and cloud expertise, and agility required for this type of work. Leveraging AWS’ cloud-native architecture and strong partnership with EPAM, the teams worked together to develop an exciting new experience that offers a fresh approach to customer interaction, delivering personalized content while ensuring scalability and unlocking revenue streams, particularly for B2C companies. 

With the ability to monetize network capabilities and market services in new ways, this platform is the first open metaverse developed in Spain and the first virtual and interactive commercial solution on the 5G network. With versatility across industries, it offers several use cases both inside and outside of Vodafone España – from improving customer service to providing a virtual option for contract sales. Most importantly, this revolutionary project helped Vodafone España shift from a network provider to a content creator – an achievement that we were proud to be part of.



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