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Cyber Incident Response & Intelligence

Get back to business as usual quickly after cyber incidents.

It’s a business imperative to quickly respond to cyber incidents.

In the current cybersecurity landscape, it’s often a matter of “when,” not “if” you’re hit with an attack. That’s why you need an incident response and intelligence plan tailored to your specific needs that enables you to restore from shutdown or freeze and get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible.

By working with our team, you’ll have access to an always-ready network of incident response experts who combine offensive abilities with decades of experience in malware analysis, social engineering, SIEM management and more.

How We Work with You

  • Our Capabilities
    • Incident Response
    • Attack Forensic Analysis
    • Proprietary Security Research
    • Threat Intelligence


Incident Response with Ofer Levinger & Adam Bishop


Repelling A Ransomware Attack

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