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EPAM Continuum’s Made Real Lab is the place where bold ideas come to life.


A global service borne out of passion for creativity, our Made Real Labs are dedicated collaborative workspaces where a vast network of creators, innovators, engineers and designers engage vigorously in an iterative prototyping methodology to develop products that enhance customer experiences.

What We Do


Made Real Lab works in concert with designers and engineers to embody new-to-the-world ideas so both you and your customers can touch, feel and experience them for the first time.


Why It Matters

Physical, digital and experiential prototypes enable us to create a vision of the future and test that vision in real-world scenarios. By making the right decisions quickly, intelligently and with confidence, we rapidly validate concepts, mitigate technical risk and substantiate business value early and often.

How We Do It


By envisioning and co-creating your concept early in the strategy phase and identifying the appropriate levels of fidelity, we can learn—and act—faster. This allows us to build better products that have been fully vetted for desirability, feasibility and viability throughout our envisioning-through-piloting testing process.

Our Capabilities


Made Real Lab draws from exceptional technical knowledge to design and embody your vision. Employing our catalog of proven solutions, craftsmanship and storytelling affinity, we continually invent new ways to realize ideas.

Physical Prototyping

From hardware and robotics to interactive spaces and consumer products, our world-class designers create physical prototypes that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Through multiple iterations of fidelity, we are laser-focused on building innovative product prototypes that will resonate with your customers and challenge your competitors.

Digital Prototyping

Our engineers work tirelessly to develop digital prototypes that synchronize tangible physical designs with the functionality of next-generation software. Fusing advanced tech like mixed reality, computer vision and machine learning with our iterative methodology, we build digital interfaces that redefine what it means to provide an optimal user experience.

Experiential Prototyping

Our experiential prototypes bring your vision one step closer to reality. By crafting theatrical storytelling videos, build-outs and pilots around how our prototypes will function in real-world scenarios, we prove desirability, test user experiences and develop a strong understanding of how your customers will interact with the end product.

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The Plastic Bag Problem


Footprint Zero and EPAM Continuum designed a plastic bag minimizer to streamline and simplify the recycling process and reduce pollution caused by plastic bags worldwide.

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Southwest Airlines: Digital Wayfinding Design & Prototype

While Southwest delivers exceptional in-flight hospitality, they needed to improve in-airport customer experiences. EPAM Continuum designed a digital wayfinding system so their customers could travel confidently.  

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iluminage: Skin Smoothing Laser

iluminage partnered with EPAM Continuum to bring clinical skin care into the home by creating a handheld laser to treat facial lines and wrinkles. 

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made real lab richard



Senior Director


“We believe deeply that the most effective way to experience an idea is through interaction. For this reason, we have invested in people, tools, technologies, collaborative workspaces and prototyping best practices that support this methodology and break down barriers between early ideas and making them real. The result has been an endless stream of inspiration that is the lifeblood of the amazing products we create with our clients.”

made real lab bill



Senior Director, Innovation Consulting


“We understand the correct build fidelity based on where we are in the design process and the questions we are trying to answer—being deliberate about fidelity saves our clients time and money. Made Real Lab brings new ideas to life in an intentionally minimal way, to prove their value quickly before further investment. We are the Center of Excellence for prototyping with frameworks, a business model and knowledge base of past prototypes to create efficiencies that help our teams and clients evaluate value quickly.” 

made real lab alex



Aliaksandr Babko
Senior Project Manager


“At Made Real Lab we help our clients to prototype the future. Creatives and technologists use rapid prototyping to enable engineering magic in our physical and virtual labs, where our clients can interact with their ideas as they come to life – long before they become products. This approach helps them innovate faster, extract value early and build the right ideas. It’s fascinating to co-create together alongside our clients and validate next-gen concepts with customers at early stages.”  



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