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EPAM + Confluent Fast Data & Event Streaming Migration Accelerator

EPAM + Confluent Fast Data & Event Streaming Migration Accelerator

Fast Data is an accelerator from the EPAM Data and Analytics practice that helps you improve your data and event streaming ecosystem services. Our Fast Data Center of Excellence (CoE) enables you to quickly climb the data streaming maturity ladder and efficiently build innovative solutions. Data streaming plays an essential tool for building a successful and competitive data-driven digital advantage.   

Platform ecosystem maturity and adoption can make or break the success of an entire system, and it is a significant challenge to efficiently build quality solutions while still working on gaining ecosystem maturity. This often makes organizations race against time, desperately trying to close the maturity gap while not sacrificing quality of applications and solutions. Data and API products especially depend on a mature of the event streaming ecosystem.    

Fast Data solves this problem by providing a CoE that you can lean on to compensate for a maturity gap while still building quality products. By utilizing the expertise, assets, processes and accelerators found in our Fast Data COE, you can exponentially speed up and simplify migration and adoption of the Confluent Cloud Event Streaming Platform.     

Our Fast Data CoE covers multiple domains within event streaming, such as Event Streaming migration, governance and best practices, including solution architecture and design, software engineering, operations excellence and more.   

EPAM’s Cloud Migration Capabilities 

Cloud migration is a complex process that involves multiple moving parts such as applications, data stores, DevOps pipelines and event streaming capabilities. Complex management and cost model uncertainty surrounding migration processes, as well as a lack of proper migration planning, are significant risks that threaten the success of any cloud migration projects.

Combining precise architecture and engineering expertise with an excellent platform is essential to the success of the whole ecosystem. We enable our clients to succeed by employing truly battle-tested, end-to-end migration accelerators, like the migVisor™ Streaming Migration accelerator, as part of our end-to-end migration suite.

EPAM is proud to be a part of Confluent’s Migration Accelerator, which is designed to streamline the transition from traditional messaging systems or open-source Kafka deployments to Confluent. Together, EPAM and Confluent aim to alleviate the challenges and complexities associated with migration and enable your organization to undertake a data streaming journey with confidence.


“Confluent provides a full-scale data streaming platform that enables you to easily access, store, and manage data as continuous, real-time streams. This relationship will allow Confluent to leverage EPAM capabilities and service offerings, including migration accelerators. The combination will create a faster return on investment at reduced cost and quicker time to market.”

Tom Meredith
VP, National Accounts, Confluent


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