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EPAM Connectors for KNIME

EPAM Connectors for KNIME

The EPAM Connectors for KNIME provide a seamless way to access, integrate and visualize complex data using the KNIME analytics platform and server. The connectors cover the full lifecycle of processing data from secure data load, to data manipulation, machine learning, predictive analytics and data visualization.

The EPAM Connectors for KNIME can help your business utilize predictive analytics for better business outcomes by integrating data sources that are not covered by the standard connector nodes of KNIME, including:

  • Spotfire Integration
  • SAP HANA Integration
  • SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) Integration
  • Cloud Integration for Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Download this brochure today or contact [email protected] to learn how the EPAM Connectors for KNIME can deliver true end-to-end data analysis for your business to reduce costs and maximize investments.