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EPAM’s Sitecore Content Migration Accelerator

EPAM’s Sitecore Content Migration Accelerator

Fast Facts

Content migration can present many challenges for organizations when it comes to moving content and digital assets from one system to another. Without a strategic plan in place, migration projects can lead to significant delays and inflated budgets. EPAM’s Sitecore Content Migration Accelerator can reduce content migration efforts by 80% and overall implementation time by 30%, which translates to months of saved time and cost.

Benefit & Value

Our migration solution:

  • Streamlines bulk loading of content from other content management system (CMS) platforms into Sitecore or rapidly imports items from another Sitecore instance
  • Works with any CMS or structured storage container that houses your content
  • Enables your content authors and system users to review content through non-technical interfaces
  • Allows for targeted migration for iterative sectional deployment
  • Migrates single-site, multi-site, multi-language and multi-region setups
  • Ensures that your SEO settings, content relationships and page hierarchy remain the same without having to edit or adjust each page during the migration process
  • Provides a real-time view of the migration
  • Offers a one-click cleanup of exported and imported content