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Sitecore Composable Digital Marketing Roadmap 

Sitecore Composable Digital Marketing Roadmap 

Diagnose Digital Marketing Capabilities & Prioritize Wins for the Next 6 Quarters

EPAM’s composable digital marketing roadmap leads your team through a series of surveys and guided workshops to evaluate the digital marketing ecosystem for your industry, covering both functional and technical topics to maximize alignment and ensure actionable outcomes. Engaging sessions educate your team and generate real-time feedback which naturally highlights business priorities. Utilizing prebuilt models for technical footprint and maturity, we then help design an ideal future state based on your current capabilities, ensuring alignment with business outcomes. Finally, we create a path to your ideal future state with a prioritized roadmap and a detailed view of your first project.

What Can a Roadmap Do for Me?

Your industry can be rapidly disrupted at any moment by both internal and external change. The antidote is constant pursuit of innovation, grounded in an objective strategy that aligns stakeholder teams.

If you already have an existing roadmap, it is subject to several risks, including being outdated, missing core competencies and lacking specificity, or it might simply be ignored during routine operations. Establishing a revised roadmap today uncovers these risks and improves team confidence. Additionally, if stakeholders raise challenging questions about platform investments or department capabilities, a new roadmap provides a necessary level of due diligence.

EPAM’s guided framework helps you create alignment between business and technology stakeholders, rapidly defining and prioritizing next steps.

Compose Your Roadmap in Four Weeks

Week 1

In week one, we kick off the project, conduct the survey and capture a high-level overview of your marketing efforts.

Week 2

In week two, we lay the foundation, provide industry insights, evaluate strengths and opportunities and showcase the art of the possible.

Week 3

In week three, we map strategy to reality by plotting before-and-after maturity levels paired with a connected view of necessary tools.

Week 4

In week four, we consolidate and align our recommendations with your KPIs for a cohesive story that helps excite and move stakeholders.

Interested in learning how EPAM can help design and engineer your composable future with Sitecore? Get in touch with our experts today to learn more.