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Trends in Retail Banking: What Has the Industry Talking 

There are various trends in the banking world that are top-of-mind, including seamless payments, future-proofing infrastructure, and AI and other technologies. But, most recently, personalization has risen to the #1 spot on the banking trends list.

In this webinar, our experts discuss the importance of the customer journey, how to cater to specific needs (including consumers who aren’t tech savvy), and the value of gathering data and using it to optimize your channels.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How personalized you should get
  • Why small, bite-sized alerts will connect with your customers better than financial literacy pages on your website
  • Best practices for data collection, building data stacks and activating data
  • How to create next-generation offerings that resonate with customers
  • The best way to work with customers who are not tech savvy
  • How to justify your digital investments

Get a sneak peak of the session:

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Meet the Speakers

  • Alex Jimenez

Managing Principal, Financial Services Consulting, EPAM

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Alex Jimenez is the Managing Principal of Financial Services Consulting at EPAM, a digital transformation services provider with clients in retail banking, digital payments and FinTech. Alex has been named to several industry influencer lists in the areas of FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech, blockchain, innovation and digital marketing. He’s been featured in the Irish Tech News and the Independent Community Bankers of America’s Independent Banker, as well. Alex was a recent speaker at Money 2020 USA and the American Banker’s Digital Banking Conference in 2022.

  • Christopher Young

Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing, Adobe

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Christopher Young is the Director of Industry Strategy and Marketing at Adobe. In this role, he leads a team of industry specialists who work with Adobe’s financial services clients to help them develop best-in-class digital marketing strategies. Christopher has an extensive background in cross-channel marketing, brand management and creative development. He previously served as the Vice President of Brokerage Marketing for E*TRADE and the Vice President and Advertising Manager for JPMorgan Chase.  


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