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We use our deep knowledge of industries, technologies and emerging digital trends to help you find the most direct path from challenge to business value.


Delivering Value Through Connected Advisory Services

For maximum impact for your business, our consulting services are interconnected to deliver value. From industry and domain advisory, to business transformation to technology enablement, we help you open new horizons for competitive advantage.

Our Consulting Services

Industry Consulting

Industry and functional expertise informed by in-depth understanding of underlying technology platforms and their interactions

Experience Consulting

Proprietary contextual research methodologies and a decade of leading client work help to deliver experiences that build trust, advocacy and brand value

Technology Consulting

Technical advisory services to help you stay ahead of technology change today and innovate for tomorrow

Innovation as a Service

Innovation delivered as a culture through collaborative workshops, challenges and new organizational models

Platform / Product Strategy

Platform and product strategy designed for impact, architected for change and built for scale

Data Science

Data science and machine learning applied to deliver insights and drive the best decisions for your business

Agile Professional Development

Bespoke learning experiences for leaders and teams tailored to speed success in digital transformation


  • Practical Advice

    Our approach to advisory services is always practical and geared towards implementable roadmaps that move your business forward today and create platforms for change and scale tomorrow.
  • Product-Centric Approaches

    Our leadership in product engineering gives us a unique perspective on productizing your strategies at the point of conception and driving your new ideas all the way through delivery and optimization.
  • Tied to Delivery

    We never conceive a strategy which we cannot deliver. By working with us on the front-end you have assurance that if you can conceive it, we can speed it to market and scale it to perform.
  • Built on Outcomes

    Our business depends on your successful outcomes. The majority of our growth comes from customer references, and your trust in us as a partner is our greatest asset.

Hear from Analysts

“EPAM aligns teams across its organization to expand the benefits that typically happen on a small scale. Using agile thinking principles to run project initiation workshops helps create minimal viable product roadmaps.”

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