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How Important Is Technology in Education

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How Important Is Technology in Education

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In today’s age, technology is everywhere. We have seen various technological improvements — especially in an educational setting.

The implementation of technology into education has brought new methods that facilitate teaching in a modern way. But, just how important is technology in education?

We asked experts to share their insights.

Dmitry Krasovskiy
Head of Education & Learning Services, EPAM

Technology improved outreach, quality, and efficiency in learning, as well as supporting lifelong education.

Recent technological advancements have not only enabled access to education regardless of location, race, and income but have also made learning more accessible to people with disabilities.

Technology has helped expand the quality of learning experiences. Automation has helped eliminate human errors and data science has enabled enhanced learning analytics, providing more informed insights into learner performance, immediate feedback to both learners and instructors, and adaptive content and personalized learning paths for greater effectiveness.

These technologies enable more lifelong education by developing learner profiles, accelerated learning pathways, and greater access to learning data, credentialing, and prerequisites.

Finally, like many other fields, education benefits from improved efficiency in both time and cost for institutions, instructors, and learning through the use of technology.