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Creating an Immersive, Tailored Media Experience Through RDK-V

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LinuxInsider – by Robert Koch

Creating an Immersive, Tailored Media Experience Through RDK-V

The iPhone…yes, it’s basically the antithesis of open source technology, but bear with me here. What made it the most significant consumer electronics breakthrough of the 21st century? Certainly not the hefty price tag. Was it powerful? Of course, but the average consumer doesn’t camp out for a week on Fifth Avenue to get more processing speed.

What truly set that first smartphone apart was its UI — beautiful, simple, elegant — and you could literally touch it. Build that UI into an apps-based operating system, and you have a truly powerful device that was also easy to navigate for virtually any user.

Now, what if you could apply that same immersive, personalized experience to all of your users’ media needs — cable programming, streaming content, gaming, smart home solutions — using a relatively straightforward integration with an open source software platform? With RDK-V, you can.

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