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EPAM Invests in Building the Skills to Engineer the Future through LinkedIn Learning

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EPAM Invests in Building the Skills to Engineer the Future through LinkedIn Learning

EPAM Systems Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise software, design, and consulting services, knows the importance of organizational learning. Since its inception, the company has invested significantly in creating a continuous learning culture, in order to stay ahead of rapid evolution in the tech industry. The business thrives by maintaining world-class talent and through its commitment to engineering excellence. Forbes has ranked EPAM as one of the world’s 25 fastest-growing tech companies for the past seven years.

That immense rate of growth challenges EPAM’s Learning and Development (L&D) organization to keep pace with training requirements. However, it also presents a unique opportunity to provide more than 36,000 employees with new ways to continually develop their skills. The L&D team realized they needed to disrupt their own model in order to meet the demand for learning from EPAM’s diverse employee base. The company invested in LinkedIn Learning to augment its internal training curriculum with content sourced from relevant online courses. In doing so, it empowers employees with an accessible, scalable resource for personal and professional development.

“We already had an extensive training program in place internally,” says EPAM’s Head of Global Learning and Development, Irina Kureichyk. “However, most of our training content depended on having someone available to deliver it live, either in face-to-face sessions or virtually, through scheduled webinars. Courses that were a priority for our engineers could have long waiting lists, preventing some employees from accessing trainings in a timely manner.”

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