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Getting Started with Cloud Data Protection

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Security Boulevard – by Eugene Dzihanau

Getting Started with Cloud Data Protection

Warning: Businesses can get addicted to the cloud. It might start with a small experiment; just one application and no critical data. Next, scattered employees start messing around in the cloud, shadow IT-style. In the end, all your data has gone cloudy!

Even if a company only uses SaaS applications, they could conceivably achieve such significant efficiency that they will never go back. On the other side of the spectrum, once developers taste the freedom of infrastructure as code (IAC) in the cloud, they never relinquish it. Before you know it, all commercial secrets—all your customers’ data, business partners’ data, personally identifiable information (PII) and transaction records—are in the cloud, too.

Security specialists see such cloud migrations as a perfect storm. Most had to work extremely hard to control their traditional infrastructure; suddenly, they need to worry about cloud and modern application infrastructure, which brings new operational models and a new technology stack.

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