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Inspiring the Next Generation of Digital Practitioners with BIMA’s Digital Day

Advertising Week 

Amanda Follit knows the effect of hearing the wrong words at the wrong time: “Many moons ago, I was put off anything to do with computers by just one teacher, and that changed the path I took for a while,” she recalls.

Despite the setback, she found her calling and is now a senior manager at EPAM Systems, Inc. Amanda sits on the Liverpool City Region’s Digital and Creative Board and is an Enterprise Advisor with a passion for bringing digital into schools.

For years, she has helped to inspire the next generation of digital talent while connecting educational organizations with numerous industries. The overwhelming support for Digital Day—BIMA’s annual event that brought the world of digital careers to 10,000+ students during the month of November—is especially gratifying and ‘light years away’ from her founding experience of bringing digital to schools.

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