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Getting Your Application Security Program Off the Ground

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Help Net Security – by Zelijka Zorz

Getting Your Application Security Program Off the Ground

IT and security professionals are increasingly concerned about attackers compromising their mission-critical applications. According to a recent Ponemon study, the reasons for that are many: more funds go towards protecting networks, security is not adequately emphasized during the development of new applications and often outright ignored, many are unable to quickly detect vulnerabilities and threats and to quickly perform patches on applications in production.

“Application security was traditionally very low on CISOs’ priority list but, as the attacks targeting applications increase in frequency, it’s getting more attention,” Eugene Dzihanau, Senior Director of Technology Solutions at EPAM Systems, told Help Net Security.

“The application layer is quickly becoming more exposed to the outside world, drastically increasing the attack surface. Applications are deployed on the public cloud, mobile phones and IoT devices. Also, applications process a lot more data than before, making them a more frequent target of an attack.”

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