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Caring Through COVID: How Clover Health Delivered a Virtual Health Solution in 8 Days

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Healthcare Business Today – by Patrick Allen

Caring Through COVID: How Clover Health Delivered a Virtual Health Solution in 8 Days

Patrick Allen, Principal, Healthcare Business Consulting, at EPAM contributed an article for Healthcare Business Today—explaining how Clover Health responded to the pandemic with a new, virtual care model that enables patients to stay connected.

When COVID-19 hit, it sent shockwaves through the entire healthcare industry, from patients and hospitals to providers and payors. For Clover Health, a leading American Medicare Advantage health plan operator and technology company, time was of the essence. Many of its members not only live in areas significantly impacted by the pandemic (Clover’s largest markets are in the Northeast) but also battle chronic illnesses, which made them extremely vulnerable to the virus. With its Clover Care Visit (CCV) program firmly in place prior to the pandemic and a key differentiator between Clover and its competitors, Clover’s clinical staff were routinely visiting members in their homes or a Clover office to build deep and personal relationships and identify clinical & non-clinical barriers to health.

Once the severity of the pandemic became clear, however, Clover realized the urgency in transitioning to a virtual visit model, which would create the need for a new centralized scheduling and tracking tool. Recognizing the need to rapidly adjust core processes in order to adapt to a remote care model as cases surged in its key markets, Clover turned to EPAM and Salesforce to help build email and SMS (text message) communication channels to keep patients and providers informed and connected.

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