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Partners In Digital Experience: Accelerating Digital Transformation with EPAM

Acquia – by Patrick Goulet

EPAM's Seth Gregory shares the trends that are driving digital transformation and best practices for creating digital experiences. 

Acquia recently announced that EPAM Systems, Inc. was among the first group of partners earning the distinction of an Acquia Practice Certification (APC), which recognizes an organization’s mastery of the Acquia platform to deliver transformative results to customers. This achievement is “not a test that can be ‘crammed’ for, but rather the affirmation and recognition of EPAM’s years of experience building effective delivery teams who are thoroughly trained and well-versed in best practices,” said Seth Gregory, Director, Software Engineering, and Head of the Acquia and Drupal Practice at EPAM. “It relies entirely upon hard work that has already been done.”

We caught up with Seth to discuss the trends that are driving digital transformation today, as well as insights gleaned from the decade-plus that EPAM’s Acquia and Drupal practice has spent defining, adapting and perfecting its processes and approaches to digital transformation delivery.

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