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Rethinking the Current Cybersecurity Landscape

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Security Magazine – by Sam Rehman

Rethinking the Current Cybersecurity Landscape

As digital-based technology advances in complexity, traditional cybersecurity loses its potency, leaving many businesses vulnerable to exploitation. These unintended consequences worsen from cyberattacks which continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. Businesses of every size and industry can no longer afford to rely on obsolete security practices while the cost of cybercrime skyrocket to $6 trillion in 2021.

The highly prevalent work-from-home model has further strained an already outdated model of perimeter security. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, companies increasingly turned to gig workers and BYOD, opening new entry points in their systems for bad actors to slip in. It is nearly impossible to find success with traditional security in the new hybrid work environment, even with mobile device management (MDM) and endpoint protection.

The time has come for all businesses in every industry to rethink security, lest they fall behind the curve, especially now that the President passed an executive order mandating zero trust for all government entities. Through SaaS, APIs and other cloud service implementation, alongside a cybersecurity strategy just as agile and modern as any other business practice, corporations can succeed in the new landscape. Pressing the reset button on security is only possible by disregarding the old-school ring-fencing and the rigid firewalls of the moat-castle mindset and embracing the zero trust mentality.

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