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Spark Security Transformation with Zero Trust

As digital platforms evolve and applications become more intelligent and dynamic, the pressures on organizations to secure their technology infrastructure increase. Former preventative measures for protecting data and guarding against cyberattacks, such as firewalls and ring fencing, are now inadequate because they are not dynamic enough to cover cloud and software-defined networks. The ransomware attacks in the daily headlines are sobering proof that nefarious actors can outwit outdated security measures and cause profound and lasting damage.

In order to maintain an agile security offense and defense, and reduce blast radius, organizations must adopt a zero-trust approach. Zero trust is the premise that an enterprise should not assume any default confidentiality, privacy or integrity of their digital environment but instead rely on strict, identity-centric transactional protocols and controls.

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EPAM Can Help Businesses Develop  & Implement A Zero-Trust Strategy


From setting business objectives to continuous trend analysis and everything in between, EPAM helps  clients solve their immediate and future security challenges.

EPAM’s zero-trust offering assists enterprise stakeholders in identifying and understanding the gaps in their current security coverage and provide a detailed implementation roadmap on how to move to zero-trust architecture (ZTA).

We collaborate with your teams to identify critical areas of risk within your organization and set up assessments on enterprise cloud and services. Shifting to ZTA doesn’t happen overnight; this is a continuous process that requires iterative improvements. We provide support and guidance in the security transformation process. After we have an established understanding of your security needs, we can offer additional guidance, as necessary, and design and implement a zero-trust strategy.

EPAM’s Zero-Trust Assessment & Guide Provides A Security Protocol Blueprint For Organizations To Follow


While most in the market are selling either network-centric ZTA or ID-centric ZTA—we employ both.

Our approach combines ID, network and workload ZTA to create a truly customized solution. Leveraging our experience in cloud native technology, automation, data and cybersecurity expertise, our solution provides the framework for companies to achieve a more secure digital environment.

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