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Qwick Takes: Supply chain disruptions and inflation

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Talking Biz News – by Irina Slav

Qwick Takes: Supply chain disruptions and inflation

Talking Biz News Deputy Editor Erica Thompson reached out to Qwoted’s community of experts to inquire about supply chain disruptions that have fueled inflation concern.

Joe Vernon, Principal, Consulting at EPAM Systems, Inc.:

“Supply chains have shown extensive vulnerability from disruption in raw material and finished goods supply, delivery capacity and labor shortages. More backlogs and delays are anticipated as the economy recovers from the pandemic and consumers generate surges in demand. Continued product scarcity will keep upward pressure on prices and inflation may be further exacerbated by macro-economic fiscal policy. The risk horizon for supply chains will extend well into 2022 with marginal abatement in the breadth and depth of shortages. Microchip supply and delays at shipping ports are two key indicators to track and leaders will benefit from enhanced visibility, predictive analytics and risk scenario modeling tools.”

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