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6 Steps to Creating a Composable Digital Marketing Roadmap

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Sitecore – by Walt Rolle

6 Steps to Creating a Composable Digital Marketing Roadmap

Businesses should include risk management throughout the software development cycle rather than retroactively.

In 2018, I created my first reference digital marketing architecture, leveraging prior experience from all types of projects, such as website builds, commerce migrations, CRM implementations, IT transformations, and data warehousing. Every year since, I have updated my models with the latest digital marketing trends and the lessons that I learned from workshops I facilitated.

Looking back, it is stunning to see how quickly the landscape has changed from getting something online to full-service commerce to blazing-fast headless applications powered by a myriad of marketing tools. Reflecting on the dozens of functional architecture diagrams that I wrote on a white board during this time, I realized in 2022 that marketers have been using composable elements all along without using the term.

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