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Combining Sitecore® + SAP Commerce Cloud

Combining Sitecore® + SAP Commerce Cloud


The Best of Both Worlds: Sitecore + SAP Commerce Cloud in One Headless eCommerce Solution

In today’s complex digital market, businesses are constantly combining the strengths of several solutions to create a more powerful engine for innovation. As a result, modern digital enterprise platforms often entail integrations with other digital products. While this process is typically complex, one integration success story is the Sitecore + SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris) Connector by EPAM, a leading digital transformation services provider, Sitecore Platinum Partner and SAP Platinum Partner.

Key Features

The connector comes loaded with the following ready-to-use features:

  • User registration and information management
  • Shopping cart operations
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Checkout with varying payment methods and delivery modes
  • Order history management
  • Shipping and billing address management
  • Catalog access and synchronization
  • Product reviews
  • Inventory information

Benefit & Value

The connector was recently upgraded to take advantage of the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform 10.2 and SAP Commerce Cloud. With these upgrades, enterprises have a golden opportunity to bootstrap an end-to-end, headless eCommerce solution faster than ever.

This connector:

  • Provides the full eCommerce customer journey from user registration through checkout and order history
  • Enables businesses to browse the SAP Commerce Cloud product catalog and synchronize it to the Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Supports extensive eCommerce features, including user information management, coupons, product reviews, inventory and more
  • Saves project teams’ time on building the project foundation, allowing them to focus on improving customer experience and increasing revenue based KPIs