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EPAM supports AWS to Help Ukrainian students continue learning

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EPAM supports AWS to Help Ukrainian students continue learning

AWS is working with schools and universities affected by the war in Ukraine to expand remote learning opportunities, preserve students’ research data, and provide training and services to refugees.

With millions of families displaced, hundreds of schools damaged or destroyed, and infrastructure under constant threat, the education of Ukrainian students is at risk. That’s why schools and universities have turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help rapidly scale distance learning and take other critical steps to ensure that students, educators, and researchers can continue their work uninterrupted, regardless of physical location.

Before the Russian invasion, Ukrainian educational institutions’ efforts to implement distance learning were already underway as a result of COVID-19. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, along with Ukrainian Institute for Educational Development and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, launched a COVID-19 response platform in December 2021 for distance and blended learning. Powered by the Open edX platform with the support of AWS Cloud credits, the new All-Ukrainian Online School provides students in grades 5–11 with a variety of remote learning resources.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, AWS Partner EPAM has been working with 22 universities to migrate critical resources from on-premises servers to AWS Cloud. This ensures that, even in the event of power disruption or damage to campus facilities, students can continue their studies remotely. With the support of AWS-provided disaster response credits, EPAM helps researchers from the Kyiv School of Economics and other institutions maintain operational continuity and data security during the war.

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