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Leleka Foundation and EPAM Systems Partner to Supply Medical Aid in Ukraine

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Leleka Foundation

Leleka Foundation and EPAM Systems Partner to Supply Medical Aid in Ukraine

Leleka Foundation, a U.S.-based volunteer-run charity organization with a volunteer team in Ukraine, today announced its cooperation with EPAM Systems Inc., a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, to supply emergency medical supplies to Ukraine. 

As part of the EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund, the cooperation furthers EPAM’s support for Leleka to provide direct resources to paramedics, ambulances, hospitals and civilians in vulnerable situations across Ukraine. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022, Leleka has delivered thousands of first aid kits and medical supplies to areas where these resources are most needed.

“Together with the Leleka Foundation, we are committed to standing with the people of Ukraine and taking every action we can to help them receive critical resources, including medical aid,” said Shamilka Samarasinha, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at EPAM. “With more than 14,000 Ukrainian employees and many throughout our global locations who originated from Ukraine, EPAM has a deep personal connection to the Country that drives our humanitarian relief efforts.”

Established in April 2022, the EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund supports organizations that provide critical medical supplies, safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, transport to safe areas, counseling and other humanitarian assistance.

Leleka has been delivering emergency medicine to Ukraine since 2014. As a volunteer-run organization, it has teams across Ukraine and the United States who gather requests from medical workers and provide essential resources. More than $3 million worth of medical supplies and equipment have been procured and delivered by Leleka since February 2022.

To learn more about the EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund, click here: