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Open Source in Finance Forum 2022 — Key Takeaways

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Nationwide Technology – by David Skaife

Open Source in Finance Forum 2022 — Key Takeaways

When searching for cutting-edge innovation through the use of open source software, standards, and collaboration, then traditional financial services organizations are not typically the first place you’d look. Despite this, there is a growing trend of acknowledgement within the sector that organizations must not only be able to leverage the use of open source software in an effective and safe way in order to survive in today’s Digital world, but that there are also benefits and opportunities to be gained from engaging with and contributing to the open source community.

The Open Source in Finance Forum in London was hosted by the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), which is part of the Linux Foundation. This is a conference that aims to drive collaboration and innovation in financial services through the adoption and creation of open source software and standards. The conference brings together various experts from within financial services, technology and open source communities, and it is an opportunity to discuss and consider how the financial services industry can best leverage open source software (in a safe and regulatory-compliant way) to solve industry challenges.

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