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Open Source Software and Collaboration Could Curb Climate Change

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Open Source Software and Collaboration Could Curb Climate Change

EPAM's Chris Howard explains how fundamental openness and collaboration will be to solving sustainability challenges. Open source software can provide a foundation for this.

Delays in international action on climate change say we need new approaches

There is no shortage of efforts, committees, and groups dedicated to sustainability and curbing the effects of climate change – from the regrettably unsuccessful Paris Agreement to last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26.

Yet despite the pomp and circumstance of these meetings that attract leaders from across the world, all the promises, pledges, and agreements will be nothing but empty words without effective collaboration. Ensuring the success of these programs’ ambitious goals requires breaking siloed systems and strategic alignment.

One tested and widely disseminated means of achieving various climate initiatives is open-source software (OSS) and its core principles. Such solutions and strategies can facilitate teamwork, transparency, and efficiency more naturally and authentically without the constraints and hoops of bureaucracy.

There have already been several organizations, including the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), The UK Climate Business Forum, and The Green Climate Fund (GCF), that have leveraged OSS and the fundamentals of open source culture to realize meaningful sustainability efforts.

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