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Robotic Process Automation: Recruiting Bots to Accelerate Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Arena – By Urtė Fultinavičiūtė

Robotics software can streamline error-prone clinical trial processes, bringing patient and employee value.

Data-handling in a clinical trial is extensive and time-consuming work, often prone to human error. But this can be eased by deploying bots that can mirror a person. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a line of rule-based code which can complete repetitive and mundane tasks or business processes where a human doesn’t add much value.

Even though it entails the term “robotic,” RPA is not a humanoid robot, but rather a robotics software analogous to a digital worker that can be automated to execute end-to-end office-based functions. A recent GlobalData Thematic Intelligence report on RPA estimates that the global market will be worth $20 billion in 2030. GlobalData is the parent company of Clinical Trials Arena.

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