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Avoiding the Pervious Pitfalls of a Drug Launch

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Biotechnology News – by George Litos and Ken Edwards

Avoiding the Pervious Pitfalls of a Drug Launch

How digital transformation can help mRNA companies overcome sales, marketing and supply chain challenges for a therapeutic launch

Before the pandemic, it is doubtful many had even heard of mRNA therapeutics outside of vaccines – now, the market size will reach over $5B by 2026 when it was only $950M in 2020. The growth of this new class of drugs will be driven by advancements in the therapeutic areas of oncology, cardiovascular, antivirals and respiratory therapies.

Overcoming the Hurdles of Yesteryear

The pandemic showed that mRNA companies were either ill-prepared for a new product launch – due to marketing, sales or manufacturing challenges – or required the backbone of a large pharma company to succeed. To overcome these obstacles, mRNA companies should focus on virtual sales enablement, marketing automation and implementing digital twins into manufacturing processes.

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