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How Starter Kits Can Help Enterprises Provide Consistent Digital Brand Experiences

Modern Marketing Today – by Seth Gregory

Modern consumers value digital brand experiences, with 86 percent of buyers willing to pay more for personal, meaningful, and tailored interactions. Businesses will need to satisfy the growing demand for more engaging online content and brand experiences to maintain a competitive edge. Mars, Incorporated, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints, and fruity confections, wanted the ability to develop new online experiences for its customers quickly while being mindful of consistency, maintenance, and costs. Moreover, it needed to unify all its disjointed, one-off website implementations into a single approach for the entire corporation. With the help of EPAM, a leader in digital transformation services and product engineering, Mars chose Acquia Site Factory to realize its vision of the “starter kit.” Together, EPAM and Mars earned the 2021 Acquia Engage Award for “Leader of the Pack: Retail” by demonstrating an advanced level of functionality, integration, performance, and user experience.

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