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10 Steps That Banks Can Take to Drive Their Digital Future 

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FinXTech – by Alex Jimenez

10 Steps That Banks Can Take to Drive Their Digital Future 

More than a dozen years ago, I managed digital banking at a community bank.

Back then, keeping up with available digital solutions for customers meant attending our core system and digital banking provider’s user meetings and conferences. The major limitation we experienced was that we could only deploy technology readily integrated into our core and digital banking systems. If we brought in technology that wasn’t already integrated, we would be paying for the integration — paving the way for our competitors. In at least one situation, the rollout failed because our provider could not get the technology to scale.

Due to high costs and technical expertise, most community-based banking organizations have had to settle with being mostly buyers of technology. In contrast, many larger banks are viewed as builders of technology, despite the fact, that many of the larger financial institutions that have developed digital banking technologies in-house were net buyers as well.

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