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A Mirror to Reality: Discussing Digital Twin Technology in Logistics

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Trans.Info by Mark Delaney

A Mirror to Reality: Discussing Digital Twin Technology in Logistics

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Maryah Merchant, Product Marketing Manager at Tecsys, Joe Vernon, Principal Business Consulting at EPAM Systems, and Ram Gopalakrishnan, CEO at Bricz, for a discussion on digital twin technology and the role it has to play in the future of our industry.

Use Cases of Digital Twin For Retail

In simple terms, a digital twin is a complete, virtual replica of a physical asset or process. It’s created by pairing comprehensive real-world IoT data provided by sensors, telematics and other connected devices with extensive machine learning analysis to create a perfect digital representation of its real-world equivalent.

As the retail industry undergoes an increasing amount of automation and transformation, digital twin technology can be exceptionally powerful. By creating a virtual model of their products and processes, businesses can identify potential issues before they occur, field-test product rollouts in a risk-free environment, and optimize future performance without the need for physical prototypes.

Having a digital twin of the business allows its leaders to introduce “what if” scenarios into their operations without creating disruptions or taking on the cost associated with assembling focus groups or piloting a change at a physical store. In this way, having a digital twin is like holding up a mirror to your business, making it possible to carry out detailed scenarios within a highly controlled environment, and get answers that are highly grounded in reality, without impacting the real-world business.

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