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Building the Foundation for Seller Success on Online Marketplaces

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relevanC – by William Brown

Building the Foundation for Seller Success on Online Marketplaces

Marketplaces that prioritize the success of their sellers can unlock a virtuous circle of growth. Integrating sponsored product ads is one way to enable this.

If you have ever been to the main Souk in Marrakech, your senses will have experienced what a marketplace is all about. It is a vibrant, dynamic, buzzing stream of sellers, buyers, and strollers flowing through a large colorful area in a central location of a major city. The sounds, the scents, the colors, and the light will leave you with a memorable moment in your travels. Perhaps you recall a bargain you got.  Marketplaces are attractive social constructs.

And in the 2020s, marketplaces are the hotspots of the internet too.

The inexorable rise of the online marketplace continued last year: according to Digital Commerce 360, in 2022, the top online marketplaces sold $3.25 trillion in goods. It’s not surprising, then, that more and more marketplaces are emerging.

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